The KALYANI Foundation is funded and supported by ILCB Group, Its President & CEO Major Sudhir Saha (Retd.) and his family since its inception. Major Sudhir Saha (Retd.), his wife Mrs. Kalyani Sudhir and daughters, Prithula Prosun and Promiti Prosun are regular contributors to the foundation to facilitate its programs.

Members of the KALYANI foundation also contribute to facilitate its programs. A small portion of the contribution is also received from ILCB staffs and generous clients of ILCB.

Members of KALYANI Foundation is committed in running on-going projects and regulating the policies of the organization.

  1. Major Sudhir Saha (Retd.), Chairman
  2. Mrs. Kalyani Sudhir, Vice Chairman
  3. Prithula Prosun, Member
  4. Promiti Prosun, Member
  5. Hemanta Gomes, Member
  6. Pradip Saha, Member
  7. Roseline Sara Gomes, Member

The KALYANI Foundation is greatly supported by the staff of ILCB in order to achieve the  Foundation’s philanthropic activities for human developments through projects helping children, women and the elderly in providing access to shelter, food, health and education.