Bangladesh is a small and beautiful country. She is over populated also more than 40 percent of whom live below the national poverty line. But they are part of our country and our life. We can change our poor peoples Destiny. Our rich people can help them beside some government activities. We Bangladeshi people are very kind and well hearted. Please help the poor people and save our country from the poverty.

In Bangladesh, where conflict, disaster or economic transition have created particularly difficult situations, we run emergency programs to support some of the most vulnerable people like children, women & elderly people.

KALYANI Foundation assists unprivileged people of Bangladesh in need with directly financing in regular basis. It also advocates for improve quality of life for people it cares. Our final goal is to organize “HOMES” for homeless and orphan children, women and elderly people to facilitate their everyday needs. We are committed to create a human society where main slogan will be “People for People”

Major Sudhir Saha (Retd.)


KALYANI Foundation